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2009-Apr-23 - Where do you open a shop in Shadow of legend?

Have you guys seen the people lately with their shops running around or located in the middle of a spot where it doesn't allow you to open a shop in Shadow of legend where you can use shadow of legend Gold to play? There is a method to doing this. Let's start:

Step 1: Go to a spot where your character is able to open a shop normally, set up your shop and start it up. The precondition is that you have enough sol gold, and than you enter into it and do what you want to do.

Step 2: Make sure your key config is set so you can press a keyboard key to run forward, click on the "Stop" button on the shop and keep clicking it while pressing the key you set to run forward.  You can also buy shadow of legend Gold to avoid some suddenness happens.

Step 3: If done correctly, it will not say "Shop closed" at top, while your screen is gone. Another way to tell if it worked is your character will lag when you try to run, remember when running while shop is open you must click on the spot you want to run and not press keys. To test make sure its still open try using a potion or something. But for sure it will lag and your character will glitch all over the place when moving, just work with it and you will eventually get to where you want to go, or you can just keep running around the CM.

Remember these glitches might not work on the first time, it is time based and timing is a must. Get it done right and follow the guide step by step and it will work 100%. I can do this 100% the time. Also remember that when you have the running shop glitch going, you will not be able to see your shop screen while running around, also if you go into someone else shop or attack something or teleport, your shop will be closed.


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2009-Apr-23 - My experience about Entropiauniverse

In the past 20 years I have never spent much time on playing game, because at that time I have my own things to do. But when I leave my school I begin to play and test different games. Until Entropiauniverse, I have never found the game can much more wonderful and nice.

Now let me introduce some news to you about Entropiauniverse which we need use Entropiauniverse ped to play, and in some times, we can use money change for Entropia Universe Gold at first hand. You may say that is impossible and it needs money to buy. In fact, using money exchanges with Entropia Universe Money firsthand, which is greatly unusual MMORGP game of network, and this game comes from Swede.

If you often come to buy Entropia Universe Gold to play this game, you will have choice to earn money (10PED= 1USD). There is only Entropiauniverse exchanging with money except for Second life, and also it is maximum advantage. We can see and get it from the game. The users of this play has reached more than million over the world, and will be brought into the market of China, in fact, this plan has been planed several years.

Mindark has bought authorization of Crytek and CryEngine 2 and he are removing this game, and we will find there are pea like pictures and menus.


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2009-Apr-23 - The best tanks in Atlantica

There is a general opinion that lady knight and spartan are better tanks than swordsmen. In the game you need to use Atlantica online Gold to play and maybe you can improve your station by Atlantica Gold. However there are a few details about the swordsmen which make them. Please read up.

For one thing, they have a 50% fire resist, which is not documented anywhere officially, if you buy Atlantica online Gold, you will could not reach that too.

The other thing is they have one of the most ap gains of any merc, at average 80 ap/tum which is often overlooked. This is only overshadowed by the archer which has 60-110 ap gain round (which averages 85 ap/tum) but as her pain is much wider it is not as consistent. The Lk has about the same as the swordsman however.

Also their damage is described as average but in reality it??s high since they have such a high collection. Also they have more skills than both lady knight and spartan making them more versatile. Their deadly strike maxed is really dangerous , and does more damage than any of spartans or lady knight skills, and its the perfect skill to have on a tank as they are generally in the frontline and are the first to get low on health nasty surprise. Also while the spartan can not hit air at all, at least the swordsman has the flame sword which does a lot of damage to air as well as ground units (especially if they have low magic resist). Also since you can have several swords man but only one lady knight or spartan, you can use one of the only merc-only skills to the greatest effect, (the shaman-swordsman combo, with hex and seed, hellhire) with just one shaman and sword men.


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2009-Apr-23 - A little tip on taising buff lvls

Welcome to the powerlevel and I will introduce skills of the game which needs 9Dragons gold to play, and you will find it is interesting and will make you activity.

Maybe you have already noticed this, but some might not, to make it faster gain, while one cools down use another, get the 2 skills and put them in another bar if you want when you have enough 9 Dragons gold, so you can do normal set up and buff up set up, when you go to buff set up put 2 skills that take x to cast and the other one needs x to cool down and vice versa, then while 1 skill cools down you use another, so you get x2 as much exp since both as going up.

1). Pig 2 (or more) keyboards into your computer (e.g. 1 PS2, 1 USB or more)

2). Go to the windows control panel, keyboard. Lower the key repeat rate.

3). Go to Hefei, buy 6 embodied crane satches and equip them.

4). Target yourself (hotkey u)

5). Key jam the Tab-key on keyboard 1. You will permanently change between peace and combat mode.

6). Key jam the desired hotkey on keyboard 2.

7). Go AFK and get a life.

Of cause, you can buy 9 Dragons gold to change your passing station, because you can improve your own skills and make new friends through cheap 9Dragons gold.

Leveling buffs with low recast time: As soon as your VE will go to 0 the satches will kick in after a few seconds, leaving you with enough VE for more buffs......

Leveling buffs with high recast time: The recast time will be enough to gain enough VE from the satches, so you will never run out of VE.

That is all, hope this post can give you some help, and please leave your comments, too.


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2009-Apr-13 - The final boss of Wow

In Wow where you need buy wow gold to enter , yogg saron is the final boss. If you want to beat it, you will require killing all previous bosses.

Flame leviathan must be killed to access the next part, consisting of: lgnis and Razorscale, both of which must be killed to access the scrapyard: which contains XT002 Deconstructor, which you must use wow gold to kill to access the inside of Ulduar.

In the antechamber, you must go off to the left wing and kill the lorn council to open the door to the rest of the instance. After that door opens you must have World of Warcraft Gold to kill Kologam to actually cross the path into the rest of the instance.

From here, the raid is fairly non-linear. You have your choice between Auriya, Mimiron, Freya, Thorim, and Hodir. However, you must kill all of them to access the decent into madness.

Down into the decent, you encounter general Vezax, who is blocking the door where yogg-saron lies in his prison.

As far as the completely optional boss, Algalon the observer, who you can find in a wing to the right of  the antechamber, you must kill all 4 hard modes of the watchers, Hodir, Thorim, Freya, mimiron, to even open the door to his room and do what you need to do.

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2009-Apr-13 - Let us understand Shaiya

You must have heard that there was a clever in ancient who is the author of the celestially. Today I will introduce the reason and result to you. In fact, there is a game named Shaiya which you need use shaiya gold to play.

In age of genesis, the creation of the goddess came to space-time named Shaiya in which has nothing in order to avoiding war between god-men. The goddess started to create things in the world with her rich knowledge and experiences. Shaiya first born in the world is a vast boundless ocean, goddess use it to cut off contact with other space to avoid the spread of this war god sector. The next you can buy shaiya gold to finish it, because we have brought it into our game. You only according to directions to do it, for example, you can point this picture like wide sea and clothes like skin of goddess to change or create.

Than in age of terms, the goddess began to create much many beings. There is only one god named Taniaos who can govern this space, and others are all Minas who have no thoughts and consciousness. Under the effective control of gods, the population of Minas and force grow more and more.

Do you think it is looks like a story? No, they are only our ancestry, and it is the beginning of the genesis. If you want to play a role of it, you can use your money to change for shaiya money.

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2009-Apr-13 - Requiem online DNA system

DNA system is very important to the players. In requiem online, you can use requiem gold to improve each character which can upgrade the strengths of its job, or minimize its drawbacks, by using the DNA system. You can control the evolution of their characters by reorganizing its DNA. This customization option allows a variety of possible character builds sharing the same race and job with the control of requiem lant.

Use of DNA system

Arrange DNA into 5 DNA slots. The DNA system can

1.       Enhance the inherent strengths of the character??s job.

2.       Minimize the character??s drawbacks.

3.       Maximize property related abilities.

Hidden function of DNA system

A hidden DNA bonus will occasionally appear when all 5 of character??s DNA slots are filled.

The addition of the bonus DNA makes a total of 6 possible DNA enhancements for each character.

New skill via DNA system

A new skill will occasionally become available when reorganizing DNA. This new skill can be used immediately.

DNA system introduction

You can use the DNA service in designated locations at any time. They can modify their DNA by clicking on the pertinent NPC or object. You can choose their desired DNA configuration from the available DNA in DNA window with requiem money. The DNA that is available depends on the character??s level and job.

You can select from the available DNA to fill a maximum of 5 DNA slots at any time.

A hidden DNA is rewarded when certain conditions are met. Users can use the DNA service whenever they want to reorganize a character??s strengths and minimize its weakness by configuring its DNA. The hidden DNA that is rewarded as a bonus depends on the DNA configuration.

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2009-Apr-13 - Maplestory of the reel

Have you listened reel? If you are not, you can use maple mesos to enter into the game to have a taste. There is a moving way different from others and the whole menu shows Prospects, Static background, and Landscape activities to us. It has 2D, and easy to operate. There is no change in perspective, and it gives us true feelings.

When you have cheap mesos, you can control many actions by several keystrokes, such as spelling of characters, bounding, hoof, attacking bugbear, and sorting booties. When you continue your game, there is a good system on, and you will use it to change the color of your eyes, kinds of your hair, and so on in condition that you have own maplestory mesos. You can become a protagonist in a class by yourself by changing hairdressing, changing complexion and face-lifting.   You must have your own idea, and we only can provide reference.

And also, you get enough maple story mesos to enter into this game. You can also choose different maps, like medieval atmosphere of the villages and grasslands, dense primitive tribe wild mountain plateau and a mysterious magic forest, which makes you be on running a risk. How wonderful is it! If you have time, you can come to have a taste.

In this game, you are free, and also you can feed small animals which you can have a talk it them. Only you think out things, we all try our efforts to realize it.

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2009-Apr-1 - Find a good play


  Everyone has own favor and we has many different attitudes to different things, but my most exciting is to read stories and learn new things from internet which can wide my view. Last weekend my class asked me to spare time with him because he had little to come out to play. I still remember when we chat at school the first time and then I answer you that we will meet next weekend, and now I am on the line today. To my surprise, you have been playing the game which I told online, but he still does not understand how to creat. Although I have just told you. we all talk it at school, but he can not play games at home. Because his mother is very stric and does not allow him to play .

Today I teach him so clearly about this game and than we meet in the game, so I am very happy and I earn priston tale Gold which can be used to beat enemy to give you, which can makes you successful promotion. And you are soon to enter the state, and speed more and more. Your face looks like playing the most interesting game.

Than I teach the game step by step, because you didn??t find the tip of the fighting that can help you to get success earlier. Now do you have enough priston tale Money to defeat the enemy. And now we go to upgrade togetehr and take exercise together, How clever he is! In the game we help each other, and than we can get moer far chass. We also like to chat about it in the game and gain together, and we successfully pass through the. The game is very activing, and can improve our reaction of cerebre.

Over time, you get cheap priston tale Gold more and more things with me not far from. As you learn very quickly, and more than a novice level. The fighting is my exciting game, but you can easily forward to going, which makes me sad. You learn very quickly so that you will match with me and you do not spend some time in playing, too strongly.

Now I would like to find a better know-how to improve my combat capability. Because my level is relatively high, so I buy priston tale Gold to others in exchange for their skills. Of cause, I am smarter than you.

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2009-Apr-1 - We are absolute

I begin to be tired of the life that I always think of others. When I graduated from the high school, I have not seen him for more than 4 years. In those days, I often met him online, maybe he knew that I could not forget him, often wait him online to chat with him. Prior to deliberately not to always think about him, for fear that it will lose its self, and now, I found that my worries are uncalled for, because it will only suffer my own. He was my schoolmate and we live not far away.

He was a good talker and is also a good sense of humor. I knew that we talked about the same game we play, it was named Flyff, at that time, he has already got to grade 65, he is a master of the game I think. He gave his flyff penya to me. He took me to play games and he never said to me to let me to be his girlfriend, but I felt that he liked me. Because he spent all his time to play games with me and he did not do well in study. I persuade him to control the time playing games, but he did not flow me. I asked him whether flyff money was more import than his future or not, but he did not answer my question.

  For a long time, he did not talk to me anymore, I was deeply hurt. I still could not help sending text messages to him. Good feelings of my vulnerability, I almost cried out, I want to say it is because I miss him. Face to his laugh, I would not say my feeling. I still remembered that he did not rap to me for getting more and more flyff gold. Is it in his eyes I do not major such as games? We must take good care of emotions in our dairy life, otherwise you will regret it. Not long before, he asked me to forgive him; he said that he sold all his cheap penya to his friend. Obsessed with the game so that he lost a lot of wonderful things, such as lover, future and so on. I told him that if he aware these it is not too late. I am very grateful to those who buy flyff penya maybe help him to get out.

  In the end we could met together maybe we have no feeling like that in the first place.

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2009-Apr-1 - Success is not far from us

  When I am online and play the game which can give us happiness, but costs us a lot of time, and money, and it is hard when we want to leave the game. If we have spent much energy in the game, it will ask for much more than that you spend. When I am the first time to paly this game, I cost many wonderland Gold to buy equipment. These games are wonderful and could not be fancy, we could not mast them, and it will hurt you deeply. That day I only play it one hour a day. If I do not play enough about that, there will be all the game in my mind, and I can not do otherthings else in my whole heart. Since I played the game, I just want to try my best to get wonderland online Gold. In the end you will not want to give up the game, because you want to get the more step to show your energy. 

When I was a student, I had not enough time to play games, and I must study and also want to play games, I even buy wonderland Gold from other, I spend one three time to play games and I spend one three time to sleep and other things will cost me a lot of time such as have lunch. In term of theory, we just have two hours to playing games, even if I do not do these things, this is my school out indefinitely. Though my wonderland money is more than others, I was not happy, because my study was lower than before.

   Now the game is to put it just chat, not a Friend of the Games you are playing people do not want to go on to quit the game so I suggest: Games lost all friends and many friends in real life to play.

   I met a person who played the game better than I, she told me games interestingly but study was much mor importnt. In fact I really want to make ful use the game and study but I can not do that. I decided to quit the game and want to go to the university because I am a student and study is now the center. At last I sold my cheap wonderland online Gold to give up the game. How to keep balance playing the game and study is valuable to think.

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2009-Apr-1 - Runescape: Training Slayer

Games are the most important key to its attitude towards you, and cherish its every step. Like life, our family, and friends, because of our self-willed, and we will hurt their hearts. We want mutual understanding, mutual help, in order to have a better mood to face disappointments in life.

Here are the Runescape which you need use runescape gold to play in the game quests you should consider doing as an obby mauler and the reasons for them. Hope it is useful to you and you can do it very well. How to settle others you can obey these, you can find them useful and you will be skillful in this game.

Swept away:

The first of all do the quest? Swept away?, which needs also your runescape money to achieve this task, you can build a good feeling with the friends who play the game with togeher. In the game, you are not independent, someone can guide you around the adoption of better killing, and that you would better value rs gold, it takes no longer then 15 mins and will boots your slayer quick, awarding 10 experience lamps. You can make friends in the same game, because they maybe have more skills than you. Have no chace to change is your error, and you need to change your views and your attitude. In this world, we are together, we must see each other, if we are often to treat our friends blandly, and we will become no friend around us.

Unless you do? Priest in Peril? the only slayer master you can use? Turael? in Burthorpe. In the small house South of the general store, his tasks are lame and will get you nowhere. The best result that you can get is to buy runescape and than you need make use full of it, you will be success. You can not view a slayer lowly, and you should be careful when you face them.

Great so no you have a combat of 40 and a slayer level of around 15 from quests and lamps, so now it is the time to get 55 slayer, be prepared it is long!

We have a great mass of cheap rs gold in stock. If you are in urgent need of it, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant.

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2009-Mar-26 - Priston tale online classes

Priston tale online is a new free-open-play, 3D cartoon style MMORPG for casual gamers. The player, when creating a character, is not only able to choose the gender of his/her character, but also what kind of weapons their character will be using in play. What's more, players are allowed to choose a class after they play for many times with priston tale Money.

Starting at level 1 Dan in Priston tale online, players in the game who can use priston tale Gold to play are allowed to choose a class. The skills that you will obtain will depend on the job you choose. At 5 Dan, players can choose a second promotion.

Physics: Focuses mainly on status effects and healing.

Second Promotion:

Surgeon: Utilizes defensive skills to heal/protect themselves and their allies.

Combat Medic: Utilizes offensive status affecting skills to break down their opponents.

Hunter: Tames monsters to be pets, which can be traded to other players. They are also excellent at crafting.

Second Promotion:

Tracker: Seems to focus more on defensive skills.

Ranger: Seems to focus more on offensive skills.

Warrior: Uses skills that boost their own attack or defense, because in play every player maybe face different enemy, and than he needs have enough energy to defeat and fight.

Second Promotion:

Champion: Is able to boost their own attack and decrease his opponent's attack, which is like in the society, and than we can get much higher step.

Musa: Is able to boost their own defense and decrease their opponent's defense.

Assassin: Employs life drain and stealth skills to defeat opponents.

Second Promotion:

Shiny: Loves to decrease the speed and agility of their opponents, and we can make friends with players who play in the game, and also we can learn more knowledge about how to forbear enemy and than we will get achievement.

Slayer: Loves to increase speed and agility. In the game you buy priston tale Gold to use in the play, and than you will find there is a good way to be successful as soon as you possible. Your heart is different from the anciently, you can think future plans or how to make you strong

Well Known guilds in Priston online: zero tolerance, Fable, Strife, Iris, Die4Honor, JOTS, Lucifer child, Delirium.

You can get cheap priston tale Gold when you are skillful at this free-open-play. Why do not you catch this choice?

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2009-Mar-26 - Easy ways to make gold

Do you want to earn more and more money in this game? If you don't know how to make flyff penya, let me introduce some ways to you and than make you get gold.

Enhancing Weapons and Armor:

John Nitro??s thoughts- Again another production based money making plan. Remember the refining is based on luck. This is to say that you have a % chance to have 3 things happen. One you upgrade, Two?.you fail and it doesn??t upgrade, Three you fail and your item is destroyed. As you can see you have a higher chance to fail as there are more things that happen for failing. This can be an easy thing to do but you will need to buy flyff penya, and use that to get red eye and blue miles. To make your chance to succeed 100%

The Writer- Weapon and equip enhancing: Charging others to enhance there equips for them is a pretty decent way to make flyff money but if they are wanting high end equips with a +9 enhancement this will almost always require the use of red eyes and blue miles which can become costly on your pocket book I don??t recommend this way but if you happen to be enhancing your own selling them after you level is always an easy way to net a quick profit.

Note: In light of out sparks new stand, do not advertise that you are selling an enhancement service if you are going to do it do it privately I am not responsible for any devious happenings or reprimands due to you doing this.

Fame selling:

John Nitro??s thoughts- Well simple, if you don??t know by now you can use your fame to buy items like alchemy stones. So in short your fame selling. Using your fame to buy things, mainly alchemy stones and selling them to other players.

The Writer- Fame selling: Now this is a simple way to make cheap penya and has two ways to do it

1. Buy different alchemy stones and selling them.

2. See what others are buying, then buy the stones and sell them to them.

Buying and reselling:

John Nitro??s thoughts now that is not my favorite way and I don??t recommend it but it is a way buying things cheap and selling them for higher will net you quick money but it requires flyff gold.

The Writer- Buying and reselling: I just want to point out that I don??t recommend this because of scamming possibilities but you can pull together some quick money if you are able to buy things for a cheap amount and sell them for higher but you need to have money before hand to do this.

More making money guides will come soon. However, you can also post your own game guides at our website. You can send to us and we will publish them after checked.

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2009-Mar-26 - Wonderland Titan guide

Let me give you simple recommendation, and I hope that you can be interesting in it.

This is a Titan guide for Wonderland players. If you are interested in the guide that maybe useful for you, please read on and than follow this guide and you will be level 50+ in short time. Let us star to explain:

Alright let start: Monsters to kill

Lv1-Lv31 any monsters White/Yellow. If you want to SP farm go on green monsters or white.

Some good monsters that have fast and bulky spawns are...

Skeleton Soldiers/Lancers in Temple

Blood Frenzies Swamp

Highlanders (bottom left)

Lv31-35 ?C High Landers

Lv35-50 Giant Larvae (bottom right)

Lv50+ Parties at dratan waives (for drops) or Master of Special Technique (Bottom left).

Ok so those who already went WM at Lv31, these are the only skills that you should get, and I do not care what other people think, this is the best for WM. We can continue what we need and we would be blest as soon as possible.

Smart, Giant Body, Defend, and I think all the passive skills (do not have a list showing all the skills) but hard swing, and the one that boosts ranged tanks is not worth it. The range skill is worth it if you have many ranged friends that pt with u a lot.

Ok so this is the path I took...

At level 31 I chose HL, reason being....

at level 44 or 45 u get a skill called Perfect Body, makes u EXTREMELY fast (must have less than 50% health left/ auto enabled skill) u also gain armor increase as well, which is the fastest way to grind until u hit level 50. At level 50 you can buy a class reset card through item mall. This will allow you to redistribute sp and stats. Select WM and then get the skills stated above. Do you have no enough time to earn wonderland Gold? Don't worry about cheap wonderland online Gold, and we will supply the best service to you about wonderland online Gold and wonderland power leveling. If you want to use wonderland money, and buy wonderland Gold, you can contact our customer service. The power level is your best choice.

  This is only initial introduction, and we will explain to you at large until you know how to play and you feel it is enough.

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2009-Mar-26 - How to settle Flipping

Flipping is that purchasing an item for a lower price with the intention of selling it for a higher price. If you are interested in it, and than you can read the following Strategies of flipping.

The first is to find an item that you can make runescape gold which can be used in the game if you like on and stick with it. The better you know the market, the higher your profit margins. This does not mean that you shouldn't look for new items, your item may get crashed by manipulators, and also you get a good frame of mind.

The second is that you can do something else when you flip. Don't stand at the Grand Exchange watching all of your needles come in, do that new quest, or get that prayer level you've always wanted. That is just like in the game you can buy runescape to fight against the enemy, and you will find that is very interesting!

The third is that you can not purchase at significant points such as min, mid, max, or round numbers in run which you have learnt the game and that you can use rs gold to play. A lot of other people do that too, so you will get your items faster if you add that 3,372gp onto that 500k item. And also you will fell interesting with people together to play this game.

The forth is that you could not ask me or other people in the chat what to flip. You will probably be the 312th person to do it so on that day, and it gets annoying.

The fifth is to be patient. If your item does not sell right away, it is probably due to the 4 hour restrictions which is just like in the game you have no runescape money and you could not carry over this game. If it's been 6-7 hours and none of your items have sold, then think about adjusting the price.

The sixth is that if you have 2 items that are good flipping options, and each could occupy all of your money without running into barriers, start buying the second one once the first ones are selling. This way you save 4 hours of time waiting for the sell-buy restrictions to be done.

If you have trouble in level your character, you can buy RS power leveling like cheap rs gold in the game you will obtain the best service and the fast delivery.

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2009-Mar-18 - Information Review about Maple story

Have been a Maple yet? Or haven't known about Maple Story at all? Now let's learn some information of Maple Story.

You can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories, and even attract other users in the process. You may begin the journey to explore the world of unknown alone, but you may come out on the other end with numerous new friends through hunting and chatting. If you're tired of hunting and competition, how about playing mini games with a friend for a change? Maybe change when you get maple mesos. Do you think so?

You'll become a brave adventurer protecting the Maple World, and if you're exhausted from all the intense battles and competition, you may one day build your own house at a quiet rural village, enjoying the life of a recluse who welcomes visitors. You can improve your speed when you use mesos. Have a try, and nothing is simple for us.

At Maple Island, you will learn from the simple hunting skills and basic control of the game to help you ease into the game. Then, you'll board the ship that heads to Victoria Island, and that's where your journey REALLY begins.

From the Harbor that welcomes you from a long journey from Maple Island, you'll run into such fascinating towns as the village of bowmen with comfy mushroom-shaped houses gathered together; the other village of magicians with mysterious spells embedded between tall trees; another village of warriors with the fighting spirit typical of the Indians living in highlands; and Kerning City - the village of thieves that reminds you of the back alleys of dark cities. If you want to enter into this place, you need get cheap mesos and you can enjoy the happy travel.

You'll be playing the game at Victoria Island where all these diverse and unique towns and fields coexist.

Maple Story is a revolutionary multimedia online game that display cute, crisp graphic. If you are new guy in Maple Story world, you can buy maplestory mesos for your character or you can use the maple story mesos which players give you to make the higher level quickly.

Here, you are going to be just a regular gamer hunting down monsters and protecting yourself in the process. You'll be given 4 paths to choose from, 4 that will define your life in Maple Story: Warrior, Bowman, Thief, and Magician. Through leveling up and meeting some requirements, you'll be able to make job advancements and nurture your character in your own, unique way.

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2009-Mar-18 - The feature about Requiem Online

I think you must have seen the war in television, it is rather brutal. Bloody mare is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that will immerse you into a dark world of bloodshed devastated by generations of scientific and magical abuse. You'll need to fight against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land, and band together with your allies to survive against the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that only prowl at night. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of Beast Possession to strike down your enemies and destroy evil. Requiem Online offers a refreshingly new approach to the MMOPRG genre with its grim, dark atmosphere and tense, blood splattering action. There is to use requiem gold to continue the game, if you do not know what requiem lant is, you can read the instruction.

Key Game Features:

Face your Worst Nightmares

Even the most experienced players will cringe when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The bloodthirsty Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will ravage the strongest parties if they are not adequately prepared for battle.

Weapon Enhancements

Players can upgrade, customize, or create new items to suit their combat styles and battle prowess with several different item enhancement systems. And also requiem money is useful for you to carry out your plan.

Beast Possession System

Unleash the incredible power of the beast within by transforming into an enormous, ferocious creature. Level-up your Possession Beasts to equip your monstrous transformations with a variety of deadly skills and abilities to maximize your destructive potential.

Epic Player-Versus-Player (PVP) Battles

Battle your foes on an enormous scale on an 8-vs-8, 16-vs-16, 32-vs-32, or colossal 96-vs-96 battlefield. The victors will be rewarded with special items that are keys to obtaining the rarest weapons and armor!

DNA System

Boost your character strengths and minimize their weaknesses by reorganizing their DNA as you see fit. Having full control over their evolution leads to a wide variety of character builds that share the same class and race.

Group Zones

Jump over obstacles, collect key items, and complete other challenges to pass through locked areas as you venture in a group to discover what terror lies before you. These areas are designed especially for groups of players to experience an intense series of battles with great rewards.

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2009-Mar-18 - Shaiya: the basic role

During this time let me start to show 6 types of roles which need use shaiya gold in the game to play, and also hope that you can be interesting at it. In fact, a friend of mine he gets married with his wife, because they got acquaintance in this game. I am envious of them.

Attacker: In party, they are supposed to use all AOE attacks they have as fast as they can. If any mob does run for a caster, they are to intercept and try to get the heat of battle on themselves or kill the mob. They are not skillful in parties though they have enough shaiya money to fight against enemies, because they know to live peaceful life.

Tank: He is to gather couple of mobs using whatever means he dreams necessary, Taunt on them and hold them on him using debus. They aren't counted on for damage, so it's better for them not to attack, just focus on AOE debus.

Healer: In all parties he has one of two roles. Healing those that are in melee with the mobs (in AOE parties, the tank) or just nuking the mobs after Taunt, depending on the healers build and mobs. In the other hand your cheap shaiya gold make you get another point without sadness and war, but it will show you chicken-hearted as timid as a hare.

Killer: In parties he has little use. His role is better being support one, giving Incantation and Sprint to party and intercept mobs that run loose. If mobs don't have AOE attacks, they can help a bit with the killing.

Nuke person: The lone role of him is just nuking the mobs after Taunt. If you want to know it particular you can consult the former and than you can understand what I say.

Ranged Attacker: He is to attack mobs (if have them, use AOE at every opportunity), and intercept anything that runs lose.

  You can choose the role only you like with shaiya online gold, if you find that is not enough, you can borrow it from the player who play in this game too and you are familiar with him or her. In the game, you need have enough gold, or you must buy shaiya gold. When you are in the push, you will be free and act very quickly and than you can find many things as good as a play.



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2009-Mar-18 - WOW: Priest Wish List

Here we will introduce a typical 10-point list of Priest to you, who can give me some advice and just a compilation of suggestions you can find everyday in threads in the priest??s forums. Hope you have a enjoy time in WOW, which can use wow gold to play.

1. Divine Hymn is useless and not fun to use. Clearly under the budget for a level 80-spell with a 6 minute cools down (Take Death Knight's Hungering Cold as instance). You have to tune some of its cons, like: pain surprise on enemies, long cool down and casting time.

2. Hymn of Hope is outside every priest??s action bars and it is completely useless. And it is using the space that was once used by other useful race, like Chastise, Shadow Guard...

3. Dispersion which is not really helping shadow in arenas is not needed for PVE. The priest would still be silenced, remember?

4. Shadow Fiend is our only real way to recover manacle. Yet it is one of the most unreal spells of the game. The pet itself has only around 3k HP, and lasts only 15 seconds and lacks of intelligence. 5. Pain Surprise cool down reverted back to 2 minutes. Increasing its cool down by one minute was not justified at all with the current state of burst damage, and allowing us to use it

6. Divine Aegis shields which are smaller than those obtained from Flash Heal criteria are not stacking, and this is particular bad when it procures of consecutive Penance Credits.

7. Inner Fire:

We are clothing and we have no real abilities, so without Inner Fire??s armor we are just butter. We are as dependant of inner fire as mages and locks are of their own armors which is just like we need World of Warcraft Gold to play in the game.

8. Unbreakable Will:

This talent is under the budget for a 5-point talent. Take Feral Druid's Tenacity as instance, and many priest agree that the old version (that reduced chances instead of durations) was better. 20% reduction for 5 points seems more reasonable. Like that you have warcraft gold, you can avoid it.

9. Fade:

Not sure if all priests need this, but at least for shadow, it is needed that this spell grants immunity to movement imparting effects for its complete duration (10 seconds), like a Hand of Freedom for the shadow priest.

10. Vampire Embrace is the only healing mechanism shadow priests have, which can be resisted, and dispelled. And it is on a 10 sec. Also, the group healing was nerved so hard, that shadow priests have less utility in arenas than before.

-Remove its cool down and change it so it can be active only in one target at a time.

-Buff group healing back to 25%, at least for arena/battlegrounds.

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